One of the delights of being the webmaster is that I receive so many anecdotes and snippets of interesting information, and information about the activities of Dundonians.  It seems a shame that these should remain buried in my email inbox, so I am taking the liberty of passing some of them on this page.

 Patrick McDuling, commenting on his Junior School class, tells me that in Standard 4 (1956) his class presented Alice in Wonderland, produced by class teacher Ann de Wet and performed at the Memorial Hall.  Alena Mallet was Alice, Douglas Cameron was the March Hare, Peter Law (“Plaw”) was the Dormouse, Eileen Brown was the Mock Turtle, Patrick McDuling was the Mad Hatter, and Diana Thorrold was the White Rabbit. 

 Dennis Jooste, reminiscing about his days in Dundee, recalls working with his friend Jimmy Douglas junior in the very early 60s on the construction of the new clubhouse for the Glendee Yacht Club – of which Jimmy Douglas senior was the Commodore at the time that the clubhouse was officially opened.

 Gill Coetzer (nee Lavers) passed on a great story that shows that you can’t keep a good Dundee man down!  Our good friend Jasco Dinkelman – featured in motorcycle-related anecdotes in the Gladstone Street and “Cars of The Period” articles on this website – is still providing motorcycle stories.  Recently he was caught in a Durban speed trap traveling at over 200 kmh on his motorcycle.  The traffic officer who stopped was so astonished to find a senior citizen traveling so fast that he let him off because “you are too old to travel that fast” – thereby causing the officer to conclude that his speed-trapping device was malfunctioning!

Anne Jenkins (nee' Morgan) - who lived in Dundee (corner of Victoria and Tatham Streets) until matriculating at Epworth HIgh School in Pietermaritzburg in 1965 - reports that her career as an artist is going from strength to strength.  Anne currently has her studio in Milford, Delaware, USA.  She has sold her paintings to customers as diverse as Universal Studios in Hollywood, various corporations, and the private collection of Baron Michael Komers von Lindenbach.  Check out some of Anne's work at her website,


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